Electronic Technology Department

Teacher List of Electronic Technology Department

1U Min Min MyatA.G.T.I (EC); B.Sc (phys)Lecturer
2U Soe Min ThuB.EAssistant Lecturer
3Daw May ZulaiB.ETutor
4Daw Cho Zin AyeB.ETutor

Vision/ Mission

  • Understand how electronic component ICs work and create your own circuits.
  • Understand theories and improve electronic devices.
  • To produce skilled workers for the benefit of the country.

Curriculum for the first year

  • Myanmar
  • English
  • Mathematic
  • Physics
  • Chemistry
  • Basic Electronics
  • Basic Electricity Circuit and Components
  • Drawing

Curriculum for the Second year

  • English
  • Mathematic
  • Radio Communication
  • Applied Electronics
Degree Number
Master 2
Degree 3
Certificate -
Total 5
Position Number
Lecturer -
Assistant Lecturer 2
Tutor 2
Laboratory Technician 1
Total 5
No of Students 39
No of Teachers 3
Ratio of Student and Teacher 13:1